Monday, June 29, 2009

The Beach And Some Loss

Rainy is season is here and yet it was still sunny and hot. I want to go to the beach right now but the weather is unpredictable. Last week it was raining so hard, then last weekend it was so hot! La Union is calling us. As you all know, our favorite beach destination is San Juan La Union, the shores of south China Sea. If not for some of their plumbing problems, I can say San Juan is the best beach getaway. San Francisco Plumber knows what they can do about it, if only there are plumbers here that is as good as them. We have to use their pumping machine just so we can get water and this water are not safe to drink. Good thing some of my relatives are kind enough to fetch some water for us.

Speaking about relatives, I learned that two of my grandmother's siblings passed away last week. It was really tragic and sad. It must be sadder for my grandmother because she is the only one left on her family. Although she already have sons, daughters and grandchildren, she cannot deny the fact that all her siblings are dead now. It is really sad. I learned about it last Saturday during our visit on our province. It was really crazy because all the while, I was thinking about how I can blog about it. OK, I am a crazy blog addict person now. For me, everything is an opportunity to blog about. Are you as blog addict as me?


Nobe said...

last week, they said there's going to be a typhoon to hit cebu. where is it? it was scorching hot outside.


Beth said...

my condolences Pehpot!

di pa naman ako ganun ka-addict pero it's true na every important happening, parang gusto ko iblog hehehe :)

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