Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Future Enhancement

By now, you already know and maybe hope for me to stop talking about our upcoming baby girl. I am so sorry guys but I just can’t. Every single day, I think about her and gets more excited on my due date. As I have said to my sisters, this will be the longest pregnancy I will have. I just can’t wait to meet this little girl. Maybe you will not understand it that much but Sati is a name that I long to call for my baby. It’s not only the name but the wait it has given to us. Imagine that nickname, Sati and the full name Sofia Ananta has been on the household since my first born. Aside from the excitement of having a little mini me, I am now 100% sure that I want to go through ligation. The family is very complete now, we have three boys and we will be having our princess soon! Ligation comes with a promise that I can have breast reduction in the future. Some may think it's crazy but I promised myself that when I am done having kids, I will make my body my priority. Having three kids who are all breastfed makes my breast saggy aside from the fact that it was big to begin with. It's my treat to myself. It's makes perfect sense to me since I can't have kids anymore after ligation, so I won't breastfeed anymore.

I know locally, there are clinics that offer this kind of procedure, but if I can save as much, I will have it done somewhere. It is not that I don't trust our local surgeons but I just want the best result for this procedure. This is the only operating procedure or body enhancement procedure that I would experience so I want it to be the best. Of course, 2 or 3 years form now, it would still not be possible to travel and have breast reduction abroad. I am thinking maybe 5 or 8 years from now. Actually my target age is when I turned 35. I think it would be the most optimum date to travel and have this kind of procedure. By then, the kids are bigger and I will not feel guilty when I went ahead with my travel and enhancement plans.


fedhz said...

wow. told you, bigay mo nalang sakin ung sobra. hehe

niko said...

oi ha.. di nga?? katakot girl. heheheh

Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Hey you ;) about my post, should not feel guilty talking about your future baby girl...really.

It's just some other people I know just try to rub it in my face sometimes....it's not like I don't want to have a kid.

Anyway...it was just me ranting...;)

okay bye for now...see you when I see you!

Yami said...

Ako naman Pehpot kung may chance ay interesado sa lipo. Ang hirap kumilos when your big as in fat. :D

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