Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Animals In The Zoo

The kids really love animals. Zoo is all we got when we want them to experience the closest encounter possible with animals. Yes we have pets, but the kids are more interested on Zebras, Lions, Tigers and the likes. It's a good thing that we still have surviving zoos here. When I was young, we used to visit the Manila Zoo. It was very exciting to meet giraffe, elephants and monkeys. Now that I have kids, from time to time we bring them to a zoo. The first one we visited was the Malabon Zoo. It was a funny incident because the first time we tried going there. we did not make it. The zoo was close just after we arrived. My kids was disappointed and screaming, due to this, my hubby accidentally hit the sidewalk causing damage to our car tire. It's a good thing that we car insurance. So the next time we went there, we made it a point to be there just minutes before it opens. It was not that much of an experience though (for me) as the zoo keeps the animal in a very small cages. I think the kids enjoyed it though.


Seiko said...

Kawawa naman sila Mico,I can hardly imagine how dissapointed they were,adding to here about what had had happened sa kotse nyo,buti na lang insured.And it's good to know that you made it sa next visit nyo,seems kids enjoyed a lot.

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