Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Backyard Spa

One of my dream vacation is to spend a day or two on a posh hotel. I dream of soaking my body to sleep in a nice and warm tub. I have been told that soaking your body in a hot tub is very beneficial to your muscles. It relaxes the body. It also rejuvenates the spirit. And I specially need something that would take my back pains. Being pregnant for the fourth tie is not that easy. My tummy is bigger (due to fats) hence it is harder for my back. I also spend a lot of time sitting, thus hurting my pelvic. I badly need a hot tub treatment.

I also dream of having a house with a spa outside. It would be like a tub but with a spa covers to prevent it from getting any dirt. I am thinking of having a tropical inspired spa space. That would be my own domain. I hope my husband will make this possible. As for now, let's keep on dreaming.


fedhz said...

ako rin gusto ko ng spa. hehe. kahit wala sa bahay. baka magsawa ako eh hehe.

Yami said...

Isang relaxing spa lang katapat ng maghapong pagkaupo sa harap ng computer. Huling punta ko sa spa four years ago pa yata at libre pa. hehe. Sana may magsponsor sa mga mommy bloggers noh o kaya prize sa isang pacontest. :-)

Valley School Los Angeles said...

Ok, I agree completely but how would you have time to relax with 4 kids?

Life Moto said...

ako hindi lang tub ang dream ko, kundi buong spa center. gusto marami ding marelax in time like dis na puro tension ang life natin.

I hope someday my dream come true!

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