Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Volturi Characters

The vampire coven known as the Volturi resides in Volterra, Italy. They are regarded as "royalty" by other vampires because they have lived for well over three thousand years and act as police, enforcing the rule that vampires' existence remain a secret from humans. They often send others to travel from Volterra to prevent overzealous covens and renegade vampires from exposing their kind. They are guarded by several powerful vampires who have been recruited for their powers and skills. source

The Volturi coven will play a vital role in making Bella's life miserable.

Aro: can read every thought a person has ever had once he has made physical contact; Michael Sheen will portray Aro in the movie New Moon

Marcus, who senses relationships will be played by Christopher Heyerdahl

Caius, who has no known power will be played by Jamie Campbell Bower

Jane, who creates illusions of pain will be played by Dakota Fanning (yes kiddos, it's her)

Alec, who is able to block the others' senses, will be played by Cameron Bright

OK, now this Twilight Saga: New Moon is making me crave for blood..kidding! I can't wait for this. I want to see The Volturi! Oh my, can you juts imagine vampire plus Italy plus royalty? For sure just a glimpse of this coven can dry up your blood.


Dinah said...

ah, so its Dakota Fanning. Yep, she will make a perfect Jane.

HSD Tax Lawyer said...

I'm new to the vampire world. Are Volturi Twilight characters? I'm stuck in the Anne Rice Vampire days.

HSD Tax Attorney said...

OMG, I can't wait to see this! Thanks for the link.

Shilka said...

Marcus looks totally creepy O_O

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