Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buzz From Pehpot

Did you know that Fedhz's Home Buddies just got a new template? Mike, her bf, made a spring inspired template for her. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

I am at lost on how to control my kids play time. Daddy bought them hand held gaming device and it's eating up their time.. HELP!!

Anyway, in a few hours (I so hope) I will obtain my own domain.. YIPEE!! I will post about it later and what it's gonna be.

The story behind that domain is, I purchased it in WORDPRESS. After a time I realized I cannot handle WP. I am so used to Blogpost dashboard (no offense WPers). I decided to transfer the domain to godaddy bu I found out it would take 60 days (after I purchase it) before WP allow the transfer. I purchased it last May I am excited because a few more hours and I am done with WP...
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