Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miley Cyrus Obsessed Fan

I like Miley Cyrus. I love watching her show Hannah Montanna, it can take away the boredom and the stress. I cannot call myself a Miley fan because I am not. I just like her, plain and simple. I am actually shocked to hear news like this. An obsessed fan? Isn't being a fan not enough?

Georgia cops arrested Mark McLeod for disorderly conduct on June 23 in Tybee Island, GA -- and during the incident cops say the guy made some very frightening statements about Miley.

According to the police report, McLeod claimed he was "great friends with Miley" -- and that Miley had "told him to come see her today."

Cops say McLeod also said, "
I will f***ing be with Miley ... we're supposed to be together and [the cops] couldn't stop it."Here's the creepiest part -- cops say McLeod claimed Miley sent him "secret messages" on her television show directed only to him and that McLeod also boasted about having "thousands of pictures and letters to Miley on his computer."

Cops say McLeod also stated he mailed two $2,000 diamond rings to Miley along with some "special private presents." The report also states that McLeod ranted that "Miley is only with the Jonas brother for the press." source

Scary, right?


Hazel said...

the price of fame!

Dana Telecom said...

What a creep. I think be good fans already more than enaough.

Jona said...

buti nlng di ako sikat hihihihi!

click here for my latest.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

nako nakakatakot naman itsura nung obsessed fan nya...favorite ng pamangkin ko yang si miley cyrus..she's pretty...

nuts said...

My kids are Miley Cyrus big fan and I'm actually watching shows of Miley with my kids oftentimes.

The photo of an obsessed fan here is so scary!!

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