Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Cool Ethical Hacker

I have been busying myself up doing some technical stuffs. OK, not so technical, but it has something to do with my blog. See? I have a new lay out. I downloaded a theme and tweaked it to my desire. It was very fulfilling. Now, I understand a bit why my husband is s o engrossed on his line of work. He is a software developer and I can just imagine how fulfilled he must have felt every time his software comes to life. So I have been thinking, what more a Certified Ethical Hacker?

An Ethical hacker is a profession that deals with the IT Security of a company. They are trained to look for the weaknesses of their IT security and hack the software for the company's own good. It's like being a thief, to catch a thief. It is a great way to prevent malicious hacking and a great way to protect the company. Companies are investing on this kind of jobs now. Knowing that a lot of companies are now technology based, it is very important that their systems are well protected. They hire people to do ethical hacking on their system.

I guess that Ethical Hacking is now the trend on IT. If you want to be an ethical hacker, all you need is a certification and some trainings. Other than ethical hacking you can also study the following courses that will help you tighten your company's IT security:

-Security Fundamentals
-Penetration Testing
-Computer Forensics

-Disaster Recovery
-Secure Programming

So what are you waiting for? Start your ethical hacking course on
EC-Council now and preempt those malicious hackers!



kAyE said...

two things about this layout:

1. love it.

2. i feel guilty.

sabi ko pa naman ako gagawa. ayan nagiguilty tuloy ako. huhu..

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