Saturday, July 11, 2009

Real Estate Agent

I experienced working as real estate agent once. I was really fascinated by real estate marketing strategies agents do, to sell more estates. Some would stand on a crowded area and give fliers to passerby. I experienced that one too. I spend a whole day in the all giving out fliers and asking passersby to look into our products. Those fliers are attractive enough, colorful and well detailed. Any body would be attracted to look into it.

The real estate marketing team of the company I worked with, has lots of idea that can boost the sales of the company. They even hire a real estate web design professional to design their website.

I enjoyed my stay in the company but the schedule was too hectic for me. I already have my second child then and had a hard time leaving him behind. He was still a baby and would cry every time I would leave him. I have a high regards for people on this field. They really work hard and try hard to sell properties. I heard that some even go as far as treating the clients to a dinner or lunch. Some are lucky enough to have at least one client a month. Although the compensation is great, it is still hard to talk non stop and try to convince hesitant buyers. If I would have the luxury of time, this is the job that I want to have.



Dana Telecom said...

It seems an enjoyable working field. :)

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