Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Partial View Of The Partial Eclipse

Today, July 22, almost everyone are excited for the upcoming Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse in simple term is when the moon passes in between Earth and the sun thus blocking the light of the sun. Below is a simple diagram of Solar Eclipse:


The solar eclipse later will be the longest solar eclipse in the 21st century. The total eclipse can be viewed on China. This natural phenomena is very spectacular that many people travel to chase it.The June 20, 1955 Manila eclipse will only be second to this (aww, China is so lucky, first Olympics, now Eclipse).

Aside from 6 minutes of darkness, I don't know what other scientific effect eclipse has. In some countries, they viewed this as bad luck. In India for example, expectant mothers would not want to deliver their baby during the eclipse. According to them it may effect the baby's personality.

A few more hours and the excitement is building up. Here in my place (as we are not as lucky as the people below), we can only view the partial eclipse as we are not included on its path. The Filipino can observe a partial eclipse around 8 AM to 11 AM.

Path of the Eclipse (source)

If you are not as lucky as the people in China and India and those chasing eclipse, here are the list where you can watch it online:
  1. Griffith Observatory
  2. Live Eclipse
  3. Atlaspot
  4. Exploratorium
  5. University of North Dakota
(list source)

You might want to check NASA's solar eclipse page here

Goggles ready? I can't wait!


Enchie said...

medyo sumakit naman mata ko kanina kakatitig :) pero ang saya nakita ko first time ;D

Seiko said...

Nakita rin namin ang partial eclipse this morning & may part din dito sa Japan na pansamantalang dumilim that lasts for 6 minutes.Thanks for sharing this Mommy,kanina pa nga ako naghahanap ng site kung saan ko makikita ito eh hehe.
Btw,ok lang kung hindi mo na approve yung comment ko the last time sa You're Inspirational,hindi ko na gets hehe.Thank you also for the warmest acceptance na maging kumare mo soon hehe.I enjoyed reading your comments them!:)Take care & God Bless!

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