Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top Chef Contestant Shared Her Recipes!

Ariane Duarte teams up with iVillage for some simple and inexpensive summer recipes! And if you must know, Ariane Duarte is a working mom. And we can be assured that the recipes she prepared for us suits our busy life. She is also a contestant on Top Chef.

This is very exciting as I really like learning new recipes. The foods on the recipes are all easy to do. Having three kids limits my time on the kitchen. This video is a heaven sent. I can now prepare delicious dishes, without much of a hassle and in a very affordable price. My kids also saw the video and they were drooling for it. They liked how the foods were prepared and is now asking me to cook a recipe for them.

I think I also found the best way to involve them on food preparations and with the cooking too. The video also offer craft oriented recipes, perfect for my kids! Ever since they learned about the kitchen, they have been asking if they can join me. They are curious on how I cook their treats. Now with the clips from the video, my kids will be more than delighted to help me. My husband who is a steak lover will like this too as there are recipes of simple and easy to prepare steaks on the video. You Can See More Life Made Easy Videos Here.

Another thing I like about this video is, it is sponsored by Walmart. You know I am a fan of this super store. The items there are affordable and durable. I bought most of my kid's stuff at Walmart. Since the video is Walmart sponsored, you are assured that anything you see on video can be purchased at Walmart.

Now I think I have to stop blabbing about the goodness of this video and just continue watching. I will be on Walmart after this.



Anonymous said...

good to know that your kids are interested also in the kitchen activities..good luck...

Fin said...

Nice post please keep up!!!

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