Thursday, July 2, 2009

Refund For Micheal Jackson Fans

Michael Jackson has been scheduled to perform a series of concerts in UK and now that he is dead, refunds of tickets sales are on the news:

From Foxbusiness

Since the unexpected news of Michael Jackson’s death, AEG, one of the world’s leading sports and entertainment presenters, has been spending its time dealing with what could be one of the biggest ticket-refund programs in history.

The ‘King of Pop’ was expected to perform a 50-date tour, beginning on July 13, at the AEG O2 arena in London that sold nearly 1 million tickets, bringing in an estimated $85 million.

People from 40 different countries are trying to cash in and figure out what to do with their tickets. Each ticket has a face value between $83 and $124.

The concert promoter is likely to release its plans for refunding early this week.

“Full ticket refund information and procedures will be released next week for all Michael Jackson “This Is It” shows,” the organization said in a statement released Friday. “Fans are advised to hold onto their ticket vouchers/proof of purchase.”

Insurance may help some fans get reimbursed, according to the Wall Street Journal reported who also reported that insurers had sold an $18 million policy through a London Insurance market.

It seems the insurance plan was protective coverage in case the concert was canceled; however, it has not been determined whether not insurance will cover the tickets.

Meanwhile, Ticketmaster sold nearly half of the tickets and has already sent e-mails to its customers offering refund options, while eBay and PayPal are working together to refund its purchased tickets.

“EBay is committed to ensuring that no buyer is left out of pocket as a result of the unique nature of the event, and will ensure all buyers on the site can receive a full refund for their ticket purchase,” the eBay team said in a statement. “On this basis, eBay and PayPal is extending its Buyer Protection to all Michael Jackson concert ticket purchases bought on eBay.”

The online auction company said it will also help sellers by refunding eBay’s sales commission when refunding buyers for Michael Jackson ticket sales.

For other Web site ticket distributions refund options are subject to the company.


Shari said...

I understand many people are asking for the tickets, not a refund, so they have a momento.

Melanie said...

mommy this is the one that shows in my

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