Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ruffa And John Lloyd's US Date

When I first saw it on The BUZZ, Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda teasing Ruffa Gutierrez about John Lloyd Cruz, I have a gut feeling that the rumor is true. OK that's just the gossip girl in me. Ruffa G was sweating profusely during the tease.. so what will viewers assume? Then Ruffa and the feisty Annabelle Rama had some kinda of misunderstandings.. Rumor has it that it was because of Lloydie. They both denied it and Lloydie even assured Annabelle that he was not courting her daughter. Funny because they both share the same date as their birthday, San Juan feast. And they both went to Us for their birthday?

Then came this photo. There was no confirmation yet(from them) that the persons in the photo were Ruffa and Lloydie...but well.. from where I sit, I can say, it looks a lot like them..

Do you think bagay sila?
I prefer Liz Uy, he was so fasyon back then..


melanie said...

Wow ! that is quite shocking ha ? grabee kakatuwa...bagong scoop yan sakin ! hmmmm I will tell my husband about that... he is the one who is ussually updated on showbiz chika, but Im sure he doesn't know this !!! can't wait to tell him !

niko said...

oh my. parang di ko kasi maimagine.. parang hindi sila bagay girl..

pero naku naman pag puso na ang umiral paki nila sa opinion ko! LOL

hahahah nababato ka ba today? AKO OO! hahahah

Snow said...

Wala namang masama if they love each other, di ba?

Mys said...

i like liz better to. she brought out the fashionable John Lloyd.

Enchie said...

Ok lang siguro mag-date sila. They're both single.

Dinah said...

although walang masama, parang feeling ko, hindi sila bagay. oh well, they're just friends naman laang daw di ba? etchos!

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