Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Is Your Favorite MJ Song?

The death of Michael Jackson, stopped the world. Everyone were glued on CNN. Everyone is waiting for a news about him. Everyone is waiting, and is affected by his sudden death. He was so young. It makes me wonder why everyone were affected with it. He is not a saint, he is not like Princess Diana. He was never a Sister Theresa. He was called a Jacko wacko once or twice or more. Yes he is so good on his crafts but hey, he has a lot of scandals too. Remembered he was accused of child molestation. One time he tried throwing his kid on the balcony. His being famous can be equated to his being infamous. But then his sudden death, it was all over. A lot mourned for him. The music industry will never be the same without him.

Now I wonder why.. and just when I am to retire thinking, I heard a very familiar Michael Jackson song, Heal The World...Then I remembered that it was the song the we danced back in high school. I know, I used to do interpretative dance..

You Are Not Alone, a song that we sang when a problem hits a friend..

Give Love On Christmas Day, is a cantata (Christmas Special during my high school years) favorite. It was also an all time carolers tune.

Ben. It's the most irritating song for me and yet it made a big impact on my ears and I still can sing,er, recite the lyrics..

Man In The Mirror is a tune my husband keeps playing while driving.

The answer was very clear, though I cannot say I am a Michael Jackson fan, a part of my life involved one or more of his songs. He has been a part of teen and growing up years. His song has been a part of our life once. We welcomed his voice, falsetto or not and let our emotions or hopes or dreams float with it. Now that I have kids and not one of them knew who Michael Jackson is and yet my first born is asking us to play Man In The Mirror...

How about you? What is your favorite MJ song?

Justin Germino says his favorite MJ song is thriller, check him out to find out why.


Kero said...

Remember the Time and Beat It.I posted my goodbye to the icon here

Seiko said...

I am not an avid fan of MJ that much,but I used to love his songs & my favorite song of MJ the most was the song during nung Jackson five pa sila."Ben" & I love this so much.
Btw,thanks for the visit,I learned from here na on the way ka pala,congrats!And 've been missing you a lot.How are you anyway?Good I hope.And yeah I'll let you know pag nakagawa na ako.Do take care always Mommy Phepot & hope we can entwined again.Keeping in touch...Hugs!

Mara said...

You are not alone
Blood on the dancefloor
Will you be there
The way you make me feel
etc. etc. etc.

I love these songs but I enjoy almost ALL of his singles. Seriously. Parang ang tanda ko na pala tuloy or sobrang music enthusiast lang ako kaya ang dami kong alam na kanta nya. Hehe!

docgelo said...

I like MJ's Heal the World, Rock with you and I just can't stop loving you. Ofcourse the song that he collaborated with Lionel Richie, We are the World...

His music and memory will live on forever.

Chris said...

Man in the Mirror is my fave... I also like You Are Not Alone, I'll Be There, Billie Jean, Gone Too Soon...

I wasnt a follower of MJ but his songs were part of my growing years too...

mye said...

Mine is Heal the World (for obvious reasons) and Man in the Mirror.

Well, actually MJ albums are our favorite. The only thing that me and my husband agreed to listen to.

may award ako sa yo ^_^

Dragonblogger said...

Thanks for taking my opp, I linked back to you from my site. Can you change my last name, it is "Germino" with a G, you have Hermino

Deborah Katy said...

Anyone has a song of MJ related to a special moment of their lives. I also took the opportunity of Germino and u can take a look there if you like.
Big kiss from Brazil!

Yami said...

I, too, was not an avid fan of MJ as well, but love many of his songs. I like Ben, Gone to soon and She's out of my life (mga pang-senti), heal the world, and so many more.

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