Monday, August 24, 2009

I Am So Lucky!

I remember when I had my first child, it was year 2003. The maternity clothes available in the market were plain and not even a bit fashionable. I have to content myself wearing maternity clothes that add more pounds to my already plus size body. I never thought that I can look sexy while being pregnant.

Now, pregnant women are really lucky and that includes me too! And if you are not aware, I am six months pregnant on our fourth baby. Maternity Clothes nowadays are more fashionable, sexy and very trendy. I tell you, this is my fourth pregnancy and yet this is my hottest one. I am so glad that online shopping for maternity clothes are now available. I found some great, cute and sexy outfits at a very reasonable price. To top it all, I get a huge 20% discount just by entering the coupon code : blogfriends. And you can use the coupon code too!

I am still confused on which one to get. The dress or the pink top? both are affordable. I guess I will just take both.


Dinah said...

i prefer the fuschia maternity clothes. it rocks!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

I'm sure those clothes look gorgeous on you ^_^
i would love to try those if I got pregnant...plan namin nxt year. ^_^

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