Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kids Costumes For Kayil's Birthday

My first son, Kayil, was born in the month of October. October 24 to be exact, just a week before Halloween Parties. since I love costumes and party, I threw a costume party for him before. My second born, Mico, was born March and as for him, we always have a summer party (luau or seasoned fruits party). Party to us is simple, we decorate the house, cook some food and invite some close friends. It's as simple as that. Now that they are attending a pre school, they are requesting to have their birthdays on the school. As expected, Kayil is asking for a costume party. A party where his classmates will be in Kids Costumes and some scary decors on the classroom. I hope his teacher will allow that kind of fun.

this one is for Chico

Back when he had his first costume party, I just made a costume for them, but now I don't think I can make on again. Good thing I found an online store that offers Kids Costumes at a very low price.They have wide selection of costumes. They offer classic costumes (the scary ones0, some Disney characters costumes, ninja costumes and a lot more! Finding this site made my party planning a lot easier. I think I am the one who is more excited on this coming costume party.


Lito Serrano said...

Hi Phepot. I was wondering if you have worked for HR Dept of RFM in the early 90's.

pehpot said...

Hi Lito!

Nope I did not.. do I look like that old? LOL

early 90's.. still on highschool that time :)

Madelene said...

Oh!! He is looking so cute in this costume!! This kind of costumes are best for Halloween...

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