Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say No To Termites

When I was in college I used to lived in dorms and apartments. Most of the apartments I lived were made out of wood and so termites are a common sight to them. I hate termites. I wish the dorms and apartments I lived before will use termite and pest control. I was bitten by a termite before and it hurts.I also don't like the look on the wood that is termite infected. Imagine a wood with holes and curves in it due to termites, ugh! That is one of the yuckiest thing for me. I can never sleep imaging it. Back then, I thought that the easiest way to kill termites is through fire. If I had known termite and pest control back then, life would have been less gross. Now here in the house I live, I am not terrified with termites anymore, I knew there's someone I can call when termites arise.


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