Saturday, August 22, 2009

Only You Ending

Finally the shit on local television ended. Honestly I watched the last two episodes of this shit and like it a bit. Now if you will use Math, that's 2 episode out of what? how many episodes? Not bad huh? Anyway, the reason why I called this series a shit was because of the never ending use of inappropriate campaigns during the series. I will not dwell upon the lack of talent of Sam Milby. That's another point and another reason why Only You Philippines failed miserably in comparison to the original Only You. I will not also dwell upon the lack of fashion sense of whoever responsible for the clothes of the actors. As my dear friend say; Only You is an everyday show of what's available in the ukay and most of them are not even a good find. What made me furious about the series is the rampant showings of artificial flavoring. In some scenes, they even suggest the use of this artificial flavorings to enhance the taste of the food. What the!?!

If you are not familiar with the story of Only You (both the original and the Philippine version), let me give you a short summary of if.

The original Only You was from South Korea (it's a kdrama). This series was shot in Italy (first part) then in Korea (pater part). The story revolves around the life of two lovers. The girl who wants to pursue her dream as a cook. The guy who is looking for his mom. They ended up consoling each other and they had sex. Series of events led them (or mostly because of the girl's best friend who has a feeling for her) to live away from each other. The girl got pregnant from their one night affair. The girl's best friend has been supportive of her and hopeful that in the end, the girl will love him back. After some years, the two protagonist meet again. The story goes on as they try to rebuild a family owned restaurant, trying to continue what they had before and battling over the conflicts brought upon by the girl's best friend and the family's (of the guy) disapproval of the girl. Cooking has been a great part of the story. Search for a recipe is what brought them together for the first time. Search for a good chef is what brought them again. The girl is very talented when it comes to culinary, but will it be enough?

The Philippine version of Only You was twisted to match the taste of the Philippine viewers (or the ratings call). The story still revolves around the guy and the girl. The first part of the sereis was shot in Korea and the later part was in the Philippines. Just as the same cooking made it possible to know each other and ended up spending a night together. Search for a good chef to revive a family owned business brought them back. The Philippine version has a lot more twist and drama. Although small details did not match exactly with the original Only You, both has the same element and that is culinary.

And as pointed out, the story is about cooking, about Culinary, the art of cooking. Most of the scenes are in kitchen or restaurant and it involves food. And so, do you think it is appropriate to show this artificial flavorings (and to encourage the use of it) with a tag line that say: di naman talaga kailangan ng mga herbs and spices (there is no need for herbs and spices).

Is this the newest trend in culinary arts? the use of artificial flavorings instead of the natural and organic ones. Please enlighten me guys.

And to say I am very thankful this series has ended is the understatement of the year.

Iyon lang pow.



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