Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Entertainment For The Hubby

A realization hit me the other day. It was about the husband. He wants to watch some TV programs but his kids won't allow him. Then he asked me if he can use the PC (to fly to Cuba, to do Mafia Wars in Facebook) and told him I have a deadline. Poor hubby, he does not have a gadget of his own. I really wish we can have another TV set with a direct tv satellite so my husband can watch his favorite sports game. He is into watching Billiards now and he really enjoys it, well of course, as long as the kids are not in the same room with him.
I have been hearing a lot of great direct tv offers and they say that it was really cheaper than cable subscription. They say that setting up a direct tv is very easy. I also heard form my in laws that their local channels are shown in high definition with direct satellite tv. And the best part about it is they have an exclusive programs like the NFL. It's a dream come true for sports fanatics!
The husband needs some entertainment too. I would really save up so I can buy him a new set of TV. For now, he is asking me to buy him a PS3 from my earnings. And though my earnings are not even half of his tax salary, I gladly obliged and a few more dollars and I am done. I hope I can earn enough before I give birth to hubby (but you can speed it up)


Shari said...

My husband was in the same situation. We finally bought a second television -- after 12 years in our house!

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