Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Break Down

Finally!For so many days, I have been holding up my tears. There are so many things in my head that I am almost about to burst. Physically I am drained. Then my emotions are not stable. Only people suffering from OCD can relate to me. Good thing that something triggered me to cry my heart out.. All the depressions and disappointments come rushing down with my tears.

Aside form my emotional roller coaster (that's been rolling for more than a week now), I encountered a problem a while ago (kapag talaga nah!ndot ka ng malas... ). I am very thankful that hubby is here.. and also thankful that amidst my emotional breakdown he did not get mad at me (most of the times he would because most of the time my break down is irrational).

Now, all I need is a cup of ice cream or any sweets and I am good as new..


fedhz said...

aw.. considered OC naman ako diba kaya kakarelate ako syo. ano ba un? teka pano ka nag break down? shet naaalala ko tatay ko. di ko alam kung mana lang ako sa kanya or what. huhu.

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