Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There is a new local series in town. Actually it was a remake of Susan Rocess' horror films. The first they had was Patayin Sa Sindak Si Barbara then Maligno. This is the third installment of Susan Rocess' films. I am quite intrigued by this series, well fo course, who does not like scary series on rainy nights? LOL I did not have the chance to watch its premiere episode. Hubby never likes suspense/horror film, so even if the kids are screaming for Florinda, we let him hold the remote..

Yesterday, he was busy being a Mafia (yes he plays Mafia Wars too), armed with our blankets, me and my first born watched Florinda. The story really intrigues me. There is something about Maricel Soriano that made her the perfect Florinda. Aside from that, I really like how they use their lighting to create a scary atmosphere. Special effects? Not that much yet but there's a suspense thriving in the air. I also like how the actors and the actresses dressed, specially Zanjoe Marudo. This is quite refreshing for his previous role in The Wedding. He looks a lot younger on this series. Hmm.. so I guess tonight, I will watch Florinda again.. and keep an eye on my first born who snuggles beside me with blanket on his face.LOL

I saw from the credits that a friend is the production designer of this series.. I have high hopes... I knew he can make this one a scary as hell telenovela..


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