Thursday, September 17, 2009

In My Life Review

Ever since I saw the trailer of this Vilma Santos comeback film, I can't wait to see it. At first I thought that the movie is about a gay son and his mother, but as trailer by trailer, I had learned that it is more on the conflict of the mother and son's boyfriend. I have high expectations from this movie. For one, the Vilma Santos- Luis Manzano team up is one of a kind. Can you imagine years before that Lucky will play son to his real life mom ate V? Of course not specially if you have been hearing I Love You Lucky a lot. Another thing, the controversial kissing scene of John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano is a must watch (kaabang abang). This is the first time in a main stream movie that actors will have a kissing scene (or am I wrong?). And so without further delay, here is what I have to say... (but have a glimpse first on the trailer)

The movie talks about Shirley Templo (Vilma Santos), a strict librarian and a mom to New Yorker, Mark. When her daughter leave her to go with her husband in Australia, she moved to New York. She was assisted by Noel (John Lloyd Cruz) to start a "new life" there. Although she did not know at first the true nature of Mark and Noel's relationship, she already had suspicions on Noel's character. The story revolves around the conflict between Noel and Shirley and goes on with Shirley's imperfection as mother.

Performance wise, Vilma Santos is still Vilma Santos, her dramatic skills are still intact not to mention a dash of comedy is now in her resume. This is the first time I see Luis Manzano in big screen, so I am a bit surprised that he can actually act. I am used seeing him in lighter roles. He did a good job being a homosexual, I mean he is convincing as a gay. John Lloyd on the other hand failed miserably. Or is it a ploy to establish the "taste" of Mark when it comes to men. A notable scene in the trailer is the "er moment. It is where Shirley pointed out to his son his preference in men (always ends with er, driver etc..) Acting per se, I have no problems with John Lloyd, it is his portrayal. His scenes with Vilma Santos is the saving grace of the movie.

I have heard a lot about the lack of consistency on the movie. Filipinos who has been to New York knows New York and I have heard that there were scenes in the movie that is not New York at all. I have no problems with that as I have never been to New York (so I can't really say where is where) but of course a movie would be better if it's "real" in a way. Soundtrack is not that impressive. It is tolerable but it did not help magnify any special scene. If they would market the OST of the movie, I doubt if it would sell like bagels (another inconsistency on the movie).

All in all, In My Life did not exceed my expectation. The hype the trailer made was bigger than the movie itself. If you have to watch the movie, think of it as another entity and not the whole piece of the trailer. The trailer is the iceberg, the movie is the tip.


Hello and Welcome said...

Have you seen sana maulit muli (1995) with aga mulach and lea salonga? that's a movie you should review the best I've seen.

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