Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Is Me Calling

When my connection went down for almost a week, I was frantic. I tried calling the costumer service but their line was busy. I tried everything I could but to no avail. My last resort was to call other subscriber and ask about their Internet connections. Most of the users have caller ID so they knew what umber are calling them.Trace Phone Numbers is a very efficient tool on knowing who is called you. I am not afraid if they will know about me, my intention was clean and I just simply need to know if their connection was as bad as mine.

I remember an instance where a phone subscriber seek the help of companies who provide Trace Phone Numbers service. A woman called her house and it was very timing that the only person in there is the house help. The caller pretend she was her employer and asked for some amount. The caller said they met n accident and they need to shed off some money. The helper did not think twice and gave in. The helper went to see the caller and gave all the money. The house owner asked that the number who called must be traced to recover their loss. It was a good thing that they did because they were able to get back their money.


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