Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping The Kids Warm

To all of you who prayed for us and think of us, our deepest thanks. We would never survive the longest weekend of our life without your prayers. It helped us made it through and keep our faith and hope alive. It was the hardest that hit us and I hope we can recover soon. I know my kids are traumatized by the event and I can only hope that I can still give them the feeling of safety they once felt in our sanctuary.

I plan to buy them stuffed animals like jellycat. I know that in a way it can take their fear for a time and might even forget the trauma they had been. This cutie animals will be their friends for a while. I also plan to buy some barefoot dreams cardigans just in case. A good old cardigan to help them keep warm. I know it is still too early to plan for these things as we have other priorities but I am working on it. For sure I won't be sleeping that much in the next few days to catch up on my work and to earn more for my coming baby.

I have been planning on buying my little angel some appaman clothes. I really can't stop eying every pink clothes I see. I want to buy them all and let my baby girl ear it. Oh by the way, she did popped out during the time that we are so stressed out. Maybe she knows that her clothes are not yet ready. And yes I will buy her a jellycat too just like what I plan to buy for her three older brothers. I know my kids will look lovely with all those stuff. I can't wait!


Jona said...

nanganak ka na pehps!? bilis ah! thank God talaga you're all ok. galeng ng timing ni baby girl ah =D

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