Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Are The Odds?

Our worst weekend is over and though we are safe and alive (and of course thankful) at the back f our mind, we cannot help but worry. Imagine, there are more or less 20 typhoons a year gracing (and devastating our country), what are the odds that it won't happen again? What are the odds that the government will not advise us that they would suddenly worsen it by setting free some gallons of water (yeah, like a gallon is equal to one dam)? What are the odds that the flood won't step higher that it had? What are the odds that we can survive it again?

The odds are, we will never stop worrying for our safety. We will never again sleep soundly. We will never again feel secured and safe. Our sanctuary is loss.

For a more detailed recap of what happened to us, click here.


Jona said...

kumusta ka mhay? ako rin had the opportunity to blog a little last stormy saturday. binaha ka ba? hope you're ok. we're not affected thank God.

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Shari said...

I am so glad to hear everyone is okay. It's terrible and we're all wishing you well.

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