Thursday, September 10, 2009

The New Face Of Dandruff

Er, the new face of anti dandruff shampoo. PACMAN! Manny Pacquiao is the newest endorser of anti dandruff shampoo Head and Shoulders. Actually he is endorsing their anti hair fall variant. For sure Manny is the best endorser for this one. His activity is more likely to make his hair fall.. tama ba ako? Oh well, punches and all it would surely make his hair fall.

I have been seeing a lot of the Pac family lately. Pacmom has been endorsing not just alcoholic drink, even food seasoning. Speaking of food seasoning, I really hate Ai Ai de las Alas commercial. No, hate is not the right word. I am mad with that commercial. This is the stupidest commercial I have seen. Remember the Edu Manzano commercial about LBC? Good thing someone made a move and ask whatever board involve to remove that commercial on TV. Come on guys, how would you like that commercial? Remittance is spelled as LBC? Whew! And as for Ai Ai, I hope culinary schools will make a move to take that sh!t out. Or is it just me? Is it the new trends in cooking? No need for spices? hmmm.. it's like telling us that you don't have a need for the country anymore.. e di nga ba ang Pinas ay nadiskubre dahil sa spices (hmmm)


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