Friday, September 11, 2009

Frames For My Artworks

I am not an artist and I can never be the likes of our very talented painters. Sometimes though I wish I can create a masterpiece like Juan Luna's Spolarium. Seriously, I like painting and sketching. I do have some art works here that needs Framing Services. If you will come here on December (for Sati's Christening), you will find my last painting in our living room. It was the last one I did before I gave birth to my oldest son.

Temecula Frame Design is one of the place that you should go when you need framing service. They are one of the best. I searched around and really found good reviews on them. Frame Design Murrieta really knows their masterpiece, and that's framing. When I had the money, I will surely avail of their framing services.

As for now, my hands are tied into drawings vegetables and fruits for my pre school. Occasional I take out my brushes and paint, not to create a masterpiece but a birthday banner or a pinata. As long as there's some stroke of artistry, I am good to go, specially if that's for my kids.


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