Friday, September 4, 2009

Not Now Kids

And we have plans for this weekend.. and the weather is not so good right now. ARg!

We promised the kids that we will treat them in Ecopark this Saturday but it has been raining all day. Chico o the other hand is experiencing slight fever. He got it the last time we went out. There was this kid who can't get enough of him and kissed him continuously. Now he got cold virus..

The kids are a bit disappointed. We have so many plans like bringing in basket full of goodies (typical picnic set up), a big mat and the likes. And those plans have to go for now.. Maybe next week.. and I hope the weather's OK by then..


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

may next week pa naman to have fun ^_^ sana ay umayos na ang panahon para magenjoy ang mga bata..
mag enjoy doon ang mga batang mag bike ^_^ at swimming din heheheh! ^_^

hayz i miss my pamangkins....

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