Saturday, September 5, 2009

Toys For My Pre Schoolers

My first born and my second born as you all know are now in preparatory school. They are learning a lot and now they want more books. Even before they enter preparatory school, I have been buying them a lot of children's book. I knew in a way it enhances their learning skills. Aside from books, the kids are always asking for another set of pencils, pad papers or any school supplies that they think they need. One of their favorite thing to buy is crayons. They never get tired looking for crayons.

When I enrolled the kids in their school, never knew that the school provides supplies like bags, pencils and crayons. I was lucky because I did not have to worry on what kind of bags I need to buy. The teachers are very nice too to inform us about their daily schedules. The bags they provide is just right for the books and other school paraphernalia.

Two weeks ago was their exam week and just last week, the report card have been distributed. Don't think I am bragging, but actually I am. Their grades are really higher than what I expected. Their Daddy promised to give more educational toys as a gift. Actually the boys are asking for a kid computer but it was not on our priority list right now. Good thing there is a lot of educational software in the market. I can just install it in the computer and they can have fun learning and using the computer.

Their second quarter exam is scheduled for the second of October. We must prepare now so they can have another treat from Daddy!


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