Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Review A Site

One of my hobby or blog activity (OK there's a bit redundancy there) is making a review of my friend's blogs. It was a fun activity to me. I learn something new about them. It is also a challenge to me to come up a good review that mirrors who the blogger is. I was also a part of an earning site that make a review product.

Honestly when I started making a review, I never thought that I would like it. To me then, it was really difficult. Adjectives are not my best friend but when I finally learned how to, it was actually easier than I thought. All you need is a guide on how to review something. I am actually planning on submitting some reviews to Talk Reviews. It is a site that gives out opinions on a certain website or nay website. users are allowed to submit a review a website they fancy. What I like about them is you can submit a review in either positive or negative tone. So now, if there is a website that you think is offending, you can tell them and let other users know about it.

For now, my friends can take it easy, they thought that whey I review their site, in a way they have to review me back (which is not the case).


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