Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunny On A Sunday

Is it really Sunny on a Sunday? It has been raining for days now but today the sun says hello world! What a relief, now I can resume the laundry..LOL

Anyway, this sunny day made me think.. Why is it (if not always) that most Sundays are sunny? Is it because it's Sunday? Day of sun? Well let's look into the history of the day Sunday..

The first day of the week is Sunday. For most Christian denominations this day is considered a holy day, due to the fact that Christ was reported to have risen from the dead on a Sunday. For this reason, since ancient times, it has been designated a "day of rest" mainly for the purpose of contemplation and worship. (The actual last day of the week when God rested after creating the universe was Saturday.)

Yet the name of Sunday has nothing to do with Christianity, but everything to do with even more ancient religions. The ancient Greeks knew that the sun was the source of life on the planet and they gave it prime importance in their thinking. When the Romans later adopted the seven day week they emphasize their respect for the sun by naming the first day of the week for it..."dies solis"..."day of the sun".

The actual word "Sunday" is derived from the German word "Sonntag" (and they likely got it from the Scandanavians). These folk too placed a great deal of importance on the sun. Some tribes of these Germanic peoples invaded England in the 500's or so. They were known as the Angles and the Saxons. The old English work was "sunnandaeg" and it changed over time to become our current, "Sunday". Source

Hmm..not quite what I was thinking.. I though back then, that duirng this certain day, the sun is very shinny, hence they call that day, SUNDAY.. LOL

How about you? Why do you think they call it a Sunday?


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