Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shopping For The Kids. Again.

It's September already! I am due November and the excitement of giving birth to a baby girl hasn't died down. Actually, the excitement is building up over time. Everyday, I can't help but browse for some great baby products. I can't help it guys. Baby products are all eye candy. Can you blame me if I wanna see all pinks and yellow? As I have told you a countless time, this is our first girl int he family, and not just in my family but in my mother's side. Me and my siblings are all gifted with boys, so just imagine our excitement with this baby.

I have been thinking if I would buy a playpen for Chico. The wooden crib Chico is using will be Sati's crib when she is born. Chico is a lot playful now. His past time is walking and climbing. Maybe instead of a playpen, I should buy him activity sets to keep him occupied. Chico is not like his older brother who really love books. I remember when my oldest son turns one, our gifts for him were Children Books and he really enjoyed it. Chico is much like my second son, who love toys and toys. They both enjoy building blocks and the likes. Their favorite toys are cars and anything with wheels on it.

Aside from the eye candy toys I have been seeing, I can't help but drool over Infant clothes. Just so you know, I hadn't started my shopping yet. I have plans before but the wide selection of clothes specially cute outfit for girls is making it difficult for me. I want to buy them all! Seriously, if I can, I would check all the pinks and yellows or any color and add it on my cart. Then I still have to worry about the boys, of course for Chico, I should at least buy some toddler clothes for him. My two older boys won't let me without buying each a shirt for them. Every time I browse an online store, they would something that they fancy. Transformers shirt for boys is what they want and it's everywhere! My boys are really crazy about Transformers. Right now, while Mommy is ranting here, they are watching Transformer.

The only consolation I have is, I am due November so it means I have an excuse not to shop for gifts for my family this coming Christmas. I have a lot to spend for the kids. Yahoo!


Jac said...

wow I love shopping lalo na pag cute dress para sa mga kids ko. naku mommy I'm excited for you malapit na mag November for sure ang dami mong pinamili,super cute talaga ang baby products lalo na pag pink ang color ....
Btw I have something for you here

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