Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tayong Dalawa Ending

Tayong Dalawa is a local series that runs on prime time everyday here in my country. I love the show and I try to watch it everyday. Now the end is near. The series will end soon, in a matter of five days. Teasers are all over and I can't wait for its final twist. A while ago, it showed some scenes that is for this week. In one of the scenes Audrey is about to give birth while Dave got hit. Audrey is suffering from a heart disease. My first born blurted out, Dave will transfer his heart to Audrey. Take note my boy is only 6 years old and it was a shock to me to hear it from him. Is he watching too much telenovelas that he now "knows" the usual plot of telenovela?


redamethyst said...

hahah.6 years old ba? eh si JJ ko ng 4 years old, nung sumabog ang sasakyan ni ramon dati, akala ng tao patay na sabi nya hindi daw buhay pa daw sya. hehehe
matatalino ang bata ngayon

kAyE said...

hah! si svet nga 16 months plang pero alam n nya susunod na gagawin ni Dora (the explorer). hanuber.

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