Friday, September 18, 2009

My Photoblog

Last year, around November, I started a supposed to be photo blog. I still don't have a digital SLR then. I put up that blog int he hopes that I can earn enough to buy my own. I was lucky that a troll passed by at my blog and read my dream of having my own digital SLR. That troll is my husband. I guess my writings then was desperate enough, on my birthday, it was his gift for me, my own digital SLR!

In my search for tips and techniques on photography, I came across 42nd Photo's blog. If you are not aware, 42nd street is one of the trusted camera store in New York. Their blog gives out tips and some inside peeks on a some digital SLR. Although they recommend Nikon D40, my hubby go for Nikon D60.

My supposed to be photo blog is now under construction. In the nearest possible time, I would open it again and it will serve as my photo gallery.


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