Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TCP: Artificial Intelligence

It's Tuesday again! And from now on, you will find most of my memes here (except for Mommy Moments who will stay at Make or Break). This week's theme for Tuesday Couch Potato is Robot/Cyborg Film.

I am not quite familiar with this genre but my research on Robot/Cyborg Film led me to a film that is very close to my heart. I am not talking about Transformers because that one is closer to my pocket than in my heart. LOL

Robot/Cyborg Film that I really like is AI or Artificial Intelligence. The movie tells about David, a young boy who has the capability to love but is actually a mecca (a robot). This is your robot Pinocchio and the story centered on that. David braves all to find his blue fairy and to achieve the love of his adoptive parents.

The movie is set in a time where Green House gas caused ice melt flooding the world. A scientist develop a mecca (a robot) that is capable to love and he called him David. A family who's son is suffering from an incurable disease was enlisted as a test subject. They adopt David and treated as their own. The mother imprinted herself to David thus making the robot believed she is her real mom. For a time David was happy but then the real son was cured and came home. He treated David not as a part of the family but as a toy. In one of their activities, the mom told them the story about Pinocchio and the blue fairy. Turn of events led them to believe that David is dangerous and should be sent back to be destroyed. The mom could not bear it and she just left David in the woods. David was confused and he believed that he was abandoned because he was not real. The realization brought him to his quest for the blue fairy. In the end he finds the blue fairy and discovered more about him and the other mecca that looks exactly as him and of course with the same function as him, that is to LOVE.

I will not spoil he ending to you guys but this is a must watch. OK, I must admit that I am a tearjerker when it comes to movies. David is so lovable, you sometimes wish, you're the mom in the movie and promise to yourself you will take good care of him. It was not hard to attach yourself on the characters of the movie..

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Seiko said...

I felt the same way too nung mapanood namin ito,we even bought a dvd & watched this film again & again.Ilang beses kaya akong umiyak dito.
Have a pleasant Tuesday mare!

Sara said...

I have never seen that movie, I will have to watch it sometime

Mys said...

This is my second pick to my first favorite. I love this one. I was just crying and crying. A modern day Pinocchio tale nga talaga.

nuts said...

have not watched this movie yet but hmmm, ganda ng review mo, I will find time to watch this in one couchy mood.

Camella Cerritos said...

ah, maganda nga itong movie na ito. now that you made paalaala, I'll copy this from my ofcmates para mapanood ulit. haha.

by the way, just dropping by here. have a good day!

Chris said...

havent seen this yet!

kikamz said...

i fell in love with this movie too mommy pehpot! gustuhin mo man o hindi, mapapaiyak ka talaga. david is indeed one modern day pinocchio.

thanks for joining this week. next week we will feature a movie fit for the entire family. hugs!

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