Thursday, October 15, 2009

GT: A Walk In The Park

This week's theme for Girl's Talk is favorite shoes. Oh my, I am not quite sure if I am still qualified to join Girls Talk. I am not a bag person, I am not a shoes person.. I am no girl.. waah.. but I could not let a week pass without joining my Kumare's Meme.. so here I am..

As I have said I am not a shoes person. I am more on the slippers side or flip flops for you. I am not onto Havaianas though.. I cannot wear one as my feet sweats a lot. The rubber where Havaianas were made can make my sweating worse.. I content myself with local brands like Banana Peel and Planet.. and anything that my feet would love. Honestly I don't even own a pair of shoes that is worth more than 1k. I would buy toys that are worth 1k or more but not shoes.. so for this meme, my fave shoes is something that I can walk in the park without complaining that much..


Enchie said...

Like din Banana Peel and Planet. Its very sturdy and comfy for the feet too.

shelo's garden said...

Hi sis, yeah there are really people like you that are not into girly stuffs like bags and shoes and would go for anything that is comfortable. That is okay sis.

nikogirl said...

hahha.naku mare planet slippers lng din ako :D banana peel naku taas pa kilay ng asawa ko sa price nyan :D LOL

ung suot mong shoes nung nuffnang event type ko! di mo sya fave?? :)

anways thanks a lot mare ko ha.. salamat for joining :) and see u next week for our fave dress naman.

mwah mwah

kittykat said...

hi Mommy are you??glad to see you're entry here..heard from Niko about what happened..hope you and you're family are all okay..

Genejosh said...

I just own a Naturalizer worth 2K kasi bili ng father ko after I gave birth to Hyzyd...kung ako lang I won't buy ganoon kamahal ibili ko na lng ng gatas ni baby...he..he...

Mine's here:

Her and History
Adventures with Hyzyd
Tasty Exploration
The Fashion Explorer
Away from Home
Teaching Moments

nuts said...

parehas tayo mommy pehpot, love ko flipflops, ako toeberries lang, ok na.. :)

Mom of Four said...

Talaga bang walang picture ang post mo? May tao talagang di mag spend ng too much money for a pair of shoes, pareho tayo. If I bought a pair of shoes that's worth $20, di na ako makakatulog nyan. But, I buy my hubby a good pair of shoes, kasi he needs to have a comfortable shoes for his job. He walks around the Hangar for 8-10 hours a day. Mga kids ko minsan kahit mahal binibilhan ko, wala kasi sa Goodwill na kasya eh..Hehehe..

Have a great day Pehpot.

Di ka ba talaga sasali sa Couple's Corner meme ko? wahhh!

kAyE said...

love ko din banana peel. afford eh :D

meron kami dati ni paulie. bumili ako isang pair ng plain pink taz isang pair na plain blue. magkasize lng kami ng paa kaya binigay ko sa knya yung isang pink at isang blue taz sakin yung other pair. hehehe. corny ko. yak!

kikamz said...

haha! pareha tayo mommy pehpot. di rin ako mahilig sa shoes. mas gusto ko tsinelas. hehe!

Seiko said...

Naku mare contrast pala tayo mahilig naman ako sa shoes hehe.

Yami said...

Although I wear slippers inside the house I cant wear them outside like going to the mall or park its because I don't have beautiful feet. huhuhu

Shari said...

I'd go barefoot all the time, but it's not practical with the Chicago winters!

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