Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Truth About Infant Formula

This is my fourth pregnancy and the last. I have been through 3 boys and all of them are breastfed. I breastfed them for almost a year. The benefits of breastfeeding are endless. From my experience alone, the kids are healthier and they have a stronger immune system. It also develops a certain bond between me and the baby. More to that, I feel like I ma closer to them and in a way that I am being a good mother to them.

Back then I always thought that when you give your babies infant formula, it may mean that you love them less. That is one of the reason why I decided to breastfeed purely. It was on my second child that I knew I was wrong. There are instances that beyond me where I need to alternate his food with infant formula. At first I am all to expensive formula but my pediatrician recommended I use store brand formula. According to him, expensive formulas and store brand formula have the same ingredients. He also pointed out that infant formula cannot replace what breast milk can do, however expensive it was. Hearing it from a pediatrician, I know that he is right.

From then on, I tried hard to educate other mothers the truth behind infant formula. As it is, most of them feel guilty because they cannot breastfeed their babies. To make up for it, they chose to buy expensive formula. They really thought that it infant formula that are expensive can make up for their absence. They were shocked to know that store brand formula has the same ingredients as expensive formula.



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