Sunday, October 25, 2009

Infant Fomula On Sale!!!

Infant needs are all the same, a secured arm and a nutritious food. At this time where everybody is affected by crises and calamities it is wiser to buy store brand formula It has the same nutritional value as expensive formula. Most mothers are not aware of that. Most of them try to go with more expensive formulas. They thought that formulas that are more expensive have higher standards that store brand formula. What they do not know is all infant formulas marketed in the US are subject to the same standards approved by FDA. It is governed by Infant Formula Act of 1980 where it is stated that all infant formulas in the US should meet minimum and maximum nutrients specification for infants.

Wondering where to buy one? Check out Parent's Choice Infant Formula in Walmart. It is now on sale! The Parent's Choice Infant Formula is now on a discounted price of two cans for only $10.00!

Available exclusively at Walmart, special cans of the store brand Parent’s Choice Infant Formula are currently on sale. For a limited time, Parent’s Choice Infant Formula is available as a special buy: parents can buy two cans for just $10! Parent's Choice Milk Infant Formula can be bought for only $5.00 per 15.5 oz can (440 gram). The Parent's Choice Gentle Infant Formula (for fussy baby or babies with gas) in a special price of $5.00 per 12.9 oz can (366 grams). Hurry now stock on Parent's Choice Infant Formulas!



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