Saturday, October 24, 2009

$100 For Me

Since I started working online, I always set a goal on where to spend my earnings. I use the $100 as a mark. My first $100 was spend on Mega Blocks. Actually a little less 100 but my earnings was really spend buying second hand mega blocks maxi in ebay. I am so obsessed with them (maybe I can share this obsession with Fedhz, Kaye and Niko now know what to give to their kiddos this Christmas (granted that I have some moolah then.. so let me win on Fedhz contest. wahaha). When the flood hit us, it was one of the first things we saved, my Mega Blocks!! I would be depressed for years if Ondoy took that.

My next $100 was spent for my mom, I bought some stuff for her to sell.. the next $100 I made was for Sati. Yep I did spend a hundred dollars for her clothes. I can't help it..Jade knows how it feels..

The next $100 is for the hubby, which is still on my paypal. I am not quite sure where he want to spend it but it is his now..

Now after that, my next $100 will be for me!!! I plan to spend it on hardware store. As I have said, I am a real tomboy. I get high looking at tools. I dream of having my own complete set of carpentry tools. I want an electric drillers as I love screwing up, er, doing some screw jobs. I also want a good hammer and a nice set of screw drivers. I want, I want, I want!!


K said...

hindi na pala ito gossip mom. ayaw mo na chismis? hihi.

you want a good screw? err.. screw driver pla. bwahaha!

okay tatahimik na ako.

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