Sunday, October 11, 2009

OCD Attack

It was my sister's wedding yesterday. As always, my OCD made me dream of having my own wedding. Wait, I am not jealous of her wedding or other's wedding, it's just that, I am so obsessed with making everything perfect. During the ceremony there were things that did not went out as planned, me thinks, if it has been my wedding, there would be no mistakes.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed it as I am one of her "official photographer". And yes at 8 months and in maxi dress, I was in full action capturing almost every moment of her wedding. I think I did good on the job as some of her friends (who does not know me) thought I was a photographer and not the sister of the bride. It was fun and funny at the same time. One of her usher ignored me when I instructed something, her choir ignored me when I sit beside them.. nyahaha..

Since she actually hired a real photographer, most of my shots are taken in a different angle. It was more like a stolen/ candid shots (which is better for me) than a typical rehearsed one. When I am back at my house, I will try to upload some of shots, if we already have a connection then.. haaay..


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