Monday, October 12, 2009

And We're Back...

After two weeks of being away, we're back here in Pasig.. and the place (not our house) is really depressing. It was two weeks after the typhoon hit us and yet, the place still smells like it. Marks of Ondoy where everywhere. Garbage, ruined appliances, mud turned dust... it's everywhere. How can one forget the trauma the flood left us? When everyday, we see a reminder of that incident. I thought I am done with it..

It was like a time bomb waiting to explode. The garbage are just there, collecting disease.. giving out stinks.

And though it was such a pain in the eye, in my mind I am glad we are back. There is no place like home. I feel like I can start rebuilding now.. and I hope it would be an easy ride..


Jona said...

Anyhow, there's no place like home indeed. You can do it Pehps! hope to give you a smile =D

Yami said...

Yeah mare its good to be back home. :)

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