Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Camcorders Are On!

When I gave birth to Sati, I was confused at first. It was really confusing for me to have a girl at last. Well, you all know that I already got 3 boys and I am so used to calling them petty names for boys. As a term of endearment too (and as an assurance on their part) I always tell them that they are good looking or handsome (as a term for men). Now with Sati, I sometimes use the word handsome too. During our first few hours together at the hospital I call her a he. I am so absent minded, to think that I have been waiting for her for so long.

Now that Sati is here, our sleeping arrangement had changed. We have two beds in the room. One is for me, Sati and Chico (the youngest boy). The other bed is for the big boys, their daddy, the oldest and the second son. Every night, I look into them and thought how time flies easily. I really wish I invested in camcorders before. I wish I could have captured every moments of their life. Although I still have some of baby pictures (and some were erased in my computer), recording a video of my kids are better (I think).

Actually, I used to think that camcorders are expensive. I learned that there are a lot of camcorders in the market and not all of them are pricey. It means that I can actually choose what I want, if ever I want to buy one. Honestly, I have been eying the Flip Ultra Camcorder. Maybe in time for Christmas, this will be my gift for myself. And a new bag for all my gadgets.


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