Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Clarissa!!

Our dearest Clarissa of Kizuna is celebrating her birthday today!! I am not sure how old is she but I knew she will treat us with her yummy dishes :) (if she is here) and Royce choco.. nyahaha

I hope you'll have a blast today.. (I'm sure you will).. and hope to meet you soon :) Happy Birthday Dear!


Luana said...

Happy birthday to Clarissa! :D No matter the age of course ^_-

♥ Luana

P.S. would you like to link exchange with my mommy blog ? I'm really looking for more mommy sites to link exch. with :) thanks!

Clarissa said...

Thanks for a surprise birthday post,Mommy Pehpot!!Btw,I'm 33 at uugod-ugod na lol!\(^0^)/Thank YOU so much and Congratulations for having a baby girl!! She's a such an angel!!^_^

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