Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Couples Corner: One Year Already?!?

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One year already? Yup, that's our theme for CC this week. first year of being husband and wife... I missed the wedding day but will post a backdated entry soon..

Argh.. this is hard to explain without giving you a recap of what happened during our wedding. So after his proposal, we decided to get married on March 8 (2003) then due to lack of moolah (you have to pay the judge, buy clothes.. etc) we decided to move it on May but then we learned that I am already pregnant with our first boy and so the wedding should happen soon (my mother is still not aware that she has liberated daughter.. nyahaha).. And so we were married and the only people on his side was his mom (will give you the details soon) while on my side were some of my siblings (some can't attend and my oldest sister DOES NOT want to) and some friends of my mom. It was more like my mom's occasion than us.LOL

one week after I gave birth to our first boy

And so after the wedding, our relationship did not changed at all.. but the first year of being together has been very crucial. We have to face a lot of trials. During the first few months of being his wife, some of his relatives changed their attitude towards me. I have been living in their house for more than a year then and they were OK until we got married. It was stressful for both if us. There was this feeling that they does not like me. To make that worse, I was pregnant and experiencing morning sickness and other pregnancy related emotional roller coaster.

Then came along our first baby who is a colic one. Our patience were tested and so our capability as a parent and our commitment to each other. There is not a night that we don't bicker, it was our first time being a parent and to a colic child! Oh gawd, it was really hard but then it was one of the things that made us more stronger. I think the best song for our first year together is You and me against the world. It was how I felt then. And my mother who is my sanctuary was away. But even if she was far from us, she was our pillar. My hubby would call her every time we had a fight. She was the anchor in our relationship and her words and advices helped us through it all.


acmumcee said...

hi there mommy pehpot! that was one of the reasons why I convinced my Mark to rent a house for us before we get married. I never liked the idea po kase of living with anyone, may it be his side or my side.. I want my own family where it'll be the two of us who'll run it and not anybody from our family. It must be a difficult year for you. But as many says, you can't please anybody.. so let them be.. Having a good adviser is one gift we could ever have.. good thing your mom's there and that your hubby even calls him whenever there's trouble. In my case it's my tita and I always get good advices. We are just so blessed.

fedhz said...

wow, bongga! hehe. so ayaw ng ate mo kase naunahan mo sya? hihihi.

hay buhay. kelangan talaga may kontrabida sa life no.

graber! congrats diba. ang bait naman ni mudra. kelangan pasabugan ng bomba.. ay, confetti. hihi.

Mom of Four said...

Marce, nakitira din kami sa magulang ni hubby, di man kasing hirap ng naging sitwasyon mo eh di rin ako tumagal, ehehehe... kugn pwede ko nga lang i blog..hahaha..

anyways, yung 1st year together talaga ang mahirap eh, kasi yun a g nagkakakilanlan pa lang kau, but, everything worked out namn sa inyong dalawa, ayan nga at ang sweet nyo pa rin, di ba?

gene said...

mare nakakaiyak story mo ha...parang ang hirap ano but ur so strong..nakaya mo tsaka you look like 16 here...he..he...

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