Thursday, November 5, 2009

GT: I'm Thirsty!

GT again! And this week our theme is about drinks.. our favorite drinks! My favorite drink is Minute Maid's Pulpy Orange. I liked it that I would buy 5 to 10 bottles each payday (grocery day). I can drink two bottles a day. My fist love is Coke Cola but we all know how "good" this drink can be. It can damage our bones and is very addicting. I also like iced tea bu not that much. As f now, Minute Maid is my fave (except for Buko juice that I have been preparing for two weeks now, everyday)

So how about you? Wanna know what the other girls drink click the badge and read their entries :)


nuts said...

I love coca cola... :) and that's forever will be..

♡ N o r e e n said...

MMmmmm sarap nyan pulpy!!!

Cecile said...

my son and hubby will surely love this fave drinks of yours; but for me since i am diabetic i can't :-(.

cheers to our fave drinks no matter what it is :-)!

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into orange juices, but this is definitely a healthy drink for vit c...sana nga I can able to drink them everyday..

redamethyst said...

minute maid is delicious also. but I heard from my brother that the pulp isn't real. I still have to interview him. hehe

nikogirl said...

yobib said he doesnt like it so i have no choice. :( i have to try that mare.. mukang masarap eh.. at sympre pang inendorse mo na rin! LOL

fave chocolate tau next week! sched mo na ha! ihihihi

ingat mare koy! mwah

kikamz said...

i love pulpy orange juice too mommy pehpot. i recently bought a big pack of tropicana pulpy juice, 4-1L bottles in a pack. in 2 weeks, naubos ko na agad!

naku, korek ka jan mommy peh. bawal ang kape pag buntis. i had to give it up too when i was preggy with sam.

Yami said...

Mahilig ka pala sa orange juice, mare. iced tea naman ang sa akin at coffee. :) O ano kamusta na si Sati for sure tulog bebe mo. :)

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