Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couples Corner: Call Your Mom

Rodliz’s Nest

I was envious of how people can make a good post (or a mushy one) about their love story.. nyahah.. not like mine which is dry.. nyahaha.. for the purpose of experimenting, let's see if I can make a mushy one from a very dry love story we got.. this week theme is marriage proposal.

When we decide to be an item, I knew that he was the one I want to spend my life with. He was the same too. We know for a fact that our decision to be together is something that we cannot take back. We will grow old and spend our days only in each others arm.

We were inseparable and I stopped studying just to be with him. I lived with him in their house and that's when our relationship was put to a test. I had a misunderstanding with his family and he stand by at my side. Until now, whenever I look back, I am happy that he (in a way) chose me. At first we were happy and contented just living together. We have no plans on getting married. The conflict with his family made us stronger and we decided to get married the next year.

Although I never expressed it, it was a dream come true to marry him. I am so into him and my friends can attest to that (and they even told me I was obsessed with him.. a bit..). His proposal was very simple but I knew that he spend nights (and even days) thinking about it. He was sure that he wants to be with me but I know he was still contemplating if he can take the responsibility of being a good provider to me and to our future kids. So when he told me he was ready, I was delighted and ecstatic. It only means one thing, he was ready to start a family of his own. We were to start a family of our own.

His proposal did not went like a man would kneel and will ask the woman to marry him. There was no ring involved in his "proposal", it was as simple as telling me to call my mother to start preparing the paper works needed for the marriage. It was not even romantic but to me it was heaven.. hearing those words from him are just lovely.. come to think of it, if he did propose to me in the usual way, I would not believe him.. The way he told me he was ready to marry me is so him and that what made it more special..

And our wedding? you gotta wait until next week for that *wink


Mom of Four said...

Ganon? Call your mother to get all the paperworks ready coz you're getting married?? Hehehe. Kakaiba rin ah.

Marce, sa tingin mo lang eh hindi mushy ang inyong love story, but the way I read it, I admired you both for fighting for your love. He was so man enough to choose you over his family, and that was the mushiest thing ever.

You stayed with him all these years and you are happy. You made the right decision when you lived with him, now you have a happy family, beautiful kids and great marriage.. I didn't find your love story dry, it was how it went, so that's how you need to tell it. In every love story, mushy or no mushy, as long as you're happy, that's what counts..Muahhh!

Thanks for joining this week's Meme. I will be looking forward for your Wedding day story!!

sweet_shelo said...

His marriage proposal was a bit like mine, minus all the details that we have been through before He decided to marry me..

Glad that you are happy with your man sis.. Marriage arranged by the Lord truly begets blessing..

K said...

wow very business-like. LOL. di bale. di ka nag-iisa. si paul din wala masyadong kasweetan sa katawan un. inggit nga ako kay biboy, ung asawa ni niko. hay naku.

Rossel said...

wow ginive-up ang pag-aaral para sa love. mabuti hindi ka sinabunutan ng nanay mo. lol! just kidding.

not all love stories are mushy and romantic. i admire you for being true. more happy years to both of you!

gengen said...

That is a unique one to read like it girl you did a good job posting about the topic this week. Thanks for sharing kakaiba but sweet. Mine is also ready for a visit.

Chris said...

hahaha.. kala ko kami lang ang ganya ang proposal eh.... kami rin no rings, not romantic... i hope to post my entry soon

eds said...

ay naku tama ka jan mamu... yung malaman mo lang na ikaw ang pinili nia na makasama habang-buhay eh enough na para ma-feel mong nasa cloud nine ka.. i like ur story.. mejo astig hehe .. here's mine

Shari said...

It makes you happy, so it is a good proposal story.

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

This is so very sweet. Wow I love your story.

niko said...

iohhhh prang naimagine ko nga kung luluhod sya at magbibgay ng singsing it will not be really him!! at bka umatras kp LOL

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Yami said...

Naku pareho pala mga jowa natin mare, walang ka-feeling-feeling magpropose parang nagkukwentuhan lang. kaya ang hirap magkwento di kagaya ng ibang couples eh. pero ang maganda nun hindi yung proposal but kung ano ang meron kayo ngayon. :)

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