Thursday, November 12, 2009

GT: So Sweet!

This week's theme for our fave meme, Girl's Talk, is our favorite chocolates.. choco what!?! Marce are you trying to kill me? I love chocolates!!! I remember when I was a kid, and imported chocolates are only for Christmas, I contented myself with Dutch Treat.. yeah that's how I love cocoa...just like Kaye who loves chocnut (or is it chocowip?)

Now that I can afford to (nyahaha), I can make a loooong list of my favorite. I can go and on. Sometimes I like Hershey's, there were times that I am up to Cadbury.. or at Snickers.. but the only flavor that I can't say no to (whatever the brand is), Hazelnut!!! waaahh, now I am craving for Nutella!!

Marce Jade is really lucky, Singapore has one of the tastiest chocolate manufacturer, I just can't remember the brand.. Fedhz, can you make a Polvoron, nutella flavored? nyahaha...

Got a very sweet tooth like mine? Or just wanna share your favorite chocolate? Click on the badge and join with us in Girls Talk!!


niko said...

oi i have to try this mare.. hmmmm mukang napakasarap eh :D

seee u next week ha.. wag ka mawawala :) heheheh fave pastime na! tell the truth.. hmmm :D green naiisip ko pag sau na LOl hahaha

miss u mwah

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nuts said...

hmmm, mukhang masarap nga... try ko nga.

Marice said...

my baby loves this so much!

fell free to check me out

Willa said...

my favorite, but not to eat as chocolate,instead to put in bread. :)

darly said...

momi P, have you tried nutella in crepe? yummy.

here's my GT

MommaWannabe said...

You should find out what the name is...coz I am not familiar with it. Haven't really eaten chocolate for the longest time.

Clarissa said...

I haven't tried nutella yet but I'm sure patok yan sa mga alaga ko!!^_^

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