Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Carpenter Mommy

I love doing carpentry jobs. I enjoy this kind of work. Remember I told you before that I would spend a hundred or more dollars for power tools. I would spend it on drills and pliers and the likes. Whenever I am inside a hardware store, I feel like I am home. I can go on and on looking for tools and shopping for one. Now I discovered an online store for, what else, TOOLS!
Power Tools.us offers a wide range of power tools like angle drills. Since drilling on tight spaces can be really hard, angle drills are here to make it easier for you. They offer tools from different brands. Brands that are trusted in carpentry industry. Aside from power tools, they also offer hand tools. They can give you pliers on different sizes and even a tape measue for your simple carpentry needs.

The best thing about Power Tools.us is that they offer FREE SHIPPING for orders above $25.00 but of course there are some restrictions on this. Check out the site for more information. If only they also offer that Internationally, they would be my supplier from now on.

I am planning to have the tool above soon. Yes, that's my dream tool. I want a power drill! I so want it for myself. Maybe when we have our own house I would invest on tools and buy a set of pliers, screw drivers, hammers, nails, everything a hardware stone


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