Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crazy Over Eight

Eight sites, that is. I used to have four, but I decided to double it early this year for SEO purposes and just so I can have more sites to blog on. Is is obvious I love to blog? Haha. Anyway, with building new sites also comes looking for a reliable web hosting to house my sparkling new domains. I don't know about you, but I conducted a thorough canvass of the potential web hosts I know, from friends' suggestions and my own research. WebHostingGeeks made the researching part a whole lot easier because all the most popular hosting providers are already compiled in one neat page there.

They also have a blog which is chock-full of information for the clueless yet who want to learn about web hosting. Need a dedicated server for your resource-intensive site? WebHostingGeeks can point you to the right direction. Have an e-commerce website but you know you can't trust just shared hosting with it? They have an accurate list of the top ten most wanted VPS hosting sites as well as individual reviews of the items in the list. Tired of having to deal with your current unreliable web host? Visit the site and you will have an easier time researching for the best web host that fits your needs like I did.

And I really have to thank WebHostingGeeks for the useful information I got from them. When I decided to stress myself more by putting up a lot of sites, web hosting was the biggest question. I know I can handle 8 blogs because I love stressing myself but how about the hosting company? Can it handle my non stop postings? Is there a web hosting company that can accommodate all my needs? Obviously I got all the answers from WebHostingGeeks. I am really glad that I can rely on WebHostingGeeks for all my web hosting needs.


Seiko said...

hehee Grabe 8 sites! i would not have the time to blog like you especially these days i am super busy with work and at home. I could not even visit blogs everyday because of it. Still i am thankful to those bloggers and friends of mine who visits my blog. I have no idea at the moment about good web hosts since i only use blogger, though I hope you will find one that will satisfy all your blogging needs.

Happy Holidays!

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