Friday, December 4, 2009


Ever since I learned what WAHMaholic (than you so much Kaye) means I begun adding that HOLIC word to almost anything.. HOLIC is addiction right? Or being addicted to something.. so if you are a Pehpotaholic or Pehpotholic (whichever sounds good to you) that means you are addicted to me.. nyahaha

Freeaholic means a person addicted to Free or Freebiess.. and yes I am one of those.. Last Monday we went to the grocery and I was to buy deodorant and facial wash and body soap for me.. but I end up buying a moisturizer because it has a free facial wash. I also end up buying two body soap for me because it has a free cream. I also bought a bigger deodorant because it has a free conditioner.. arghhh...

I even look for that word on godaddy.. planning to buy, unfortunately, it was already parked and is now for sale for a whopping $1000+.. oh yes I am a domainaholic.. but not as much as Jade is.

How about Adsholic? can you guess who that is? Or what does it mean.. yep, a person addicted to ads.. nyahaha.. no other than my Marce Fedhz.

Cryaholic would be Niko.. and you all know what it means.. haha..

I better stop this HOLIC thingy.. I might end up naming all my Marce (Seiko, Yami, Gene, Liz) with a holic name.. arghhh.. this is what you call last word syndrome.. HOLIC.. HOLIC.. HOLIC.. please make me stop!


reyapot said...

hehehe.. kakatawa ka sis..
ako kaya, pag may adik sa akin - reyapotaholic hehehe.. and sagwa pakinggan..

napadaan lng sis.. nagdrop ng EC...

fedhz said...

nyahehe. sigi. gawa din ako post, I'm Adsaholic. ano ber. free nga ba yan, eh super post ka naman ng mga pictures at kung ano ano pa. link link pa. di na free yun.

wahaha. lahat sakin dapat may bayad. hwek hwek.

pero sige. salamat sa free backlink. wakokok

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